’57 Les Paul Junior

Heavy Aged

Murphy Lab



Binding Style

Weight Relief


Neck Material

Neck Profil

Scale Length

Fingerboard Material

Fingerboard Radius

Number of Frets


Nut Material

Nut Width

End-of-Board Width






Pick Guard

Truss Rod:

Truss Rod Cover

Control Knobs

Switch Washer

Jack Plate

Mounting Rings:






05/23/2022 #721090

1-Piece Lightweight Mahogany

1-Ply Royalite


TV Yellow Nitrocellulose (Murphy Heavy Aged)

Solid Mahogany

Chunky C-Shape

24.75" / 62.865cm

Indian Rosewood, Hide Glue Fit

12" / 304.8mm


Authentic Medium Jumbo


1.69“ / 42.85mm

2.24" / 56.89mm

Aged Perloid

Long Tenon, High Glue Fit

Wraparound Nickel w/nickel plated brass saddles


Kluson Strip w/white buttons


Authentic 1950’s no tube

Single Ply black

Black Top Hats

Silkscreened Cellulose Acetate Butyrate

Black Multiply


Custom Dogear P-90

CTS 500K Audio Taper Potentiometers, Luxe Paper-in-Oil Capacitors, 

Round Core, Pure Nickel .010, .013, .017, .026, .036, .046

Aged Brown/Lifton Reissue 5-Latch

Certificate of Authenticity, Mounted Custom Shop Switch Plate Medallion; Reissue Switch Backplate in Case


5.622,- (Net) /6.690,- Euros (19%) in stock!

In guitar lingo, being "ruined" is when you play something so good, there's no going back to what you once had. No Gibson guitar has evoked this expression more than the Les Paul™ Junior. In the 1950s it was sold as a student/budget model -- as simple as a set-neck electric guitar could be. But after a while, the humble Les Paul Junior caught the ear of professional guitarists who appreciated its sonic purity and minimalist components. Gibson Custom Shop has proudly kept the recipe the same for this Historic Reissue. From the solid mahogany and hide glue construction to the vintage-style wiring, the classic Les Paul Junior is back...and ready to "ruin" you. It features Heavy Aging by the skilled artisans of the Murphy Lab. The Murphy Lab Heavy Aged finish treatment, paired with heavily aged hardware, simulates decades of heavy play wear, giving it the unique character, vibe, and feel of an original example from the Gibson Golden Era.

First introduced in the early 1950s, Gibson's legendary P90 single coil pickup produced a raw powerful tone that helped define the blues and rock and roll in their formative years. Today, the P90's traditional combination of high output and brilliant tone is still considered a favorite among many top musicians. Known by such familiar nicknames as the "Soapbar" and the "Cobalt," the P90 still cuts through any type of music, all while displaying amazing tonal sensitivity for everything from blues and rock to mellow jazz riffs. It's perfect as a vintage replacement, and features vintage, braided two-conductor wiring. It's also fully wax potted to eliminate any chance of unwanted microphonic feedback.