Output Tubes:

Preamp Tubes:


Input Hi:

Input Lo:







Class B 115/230V

50 Watt

2x EL34 Mullard

V1 CV4004 Mullard 2xECC83 Mullard

Solid State

Gain (from Rock to Metal)

Clean (for Blues to Classic Rock)

Variac, Post-Master, Presence, Bass, Middle, Treble, Pre-Master, Pre Amp Gain

4/8/16 Ohm Selector, 2 Outputs, Effect-Loop Send & Return, Solo Boost Footswitch

Passive parallel

orig. Black Levant



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incl. German VAT w/1year ltd. guarantee + 1year ltd. warranty

The Gladius 2204 is a further development of the 2203 from 1973 and the 2204 from 1981. Unlike the Gladius JTMs, its sound is much more modern and rocking, but with all the features that have made the British sound so unique. The most important feature that modern guitarists are looking for is the solo boost function. However, not as a channel switch, but as a lossless pre-master volume, foot switchable. This enables the player to jump in volume for his solo at any gain level without loss of dynamics, for clean or distortion. Hence the post-master volume, which, like all Gladius amps, enables completely loss-free master volume at any volume. In order to get the full tone at Bedroom Level, the Gladius cabinets are recommended. With the Variac you can set the power tubes of saturation / distortion, which then changes the tone dramatically - like EVH. The pre-gain has enough distortion for metal in hi-input. The Lo input is specially designed for clean sounds and pedals. The difference is powerful and not just a few db as with commercial amps. A lossless effect loop (passive parallel) remains tight even with delays. The Gladius 2204 has the variety of sounds from the 2203 to the JCM 800 with Mullard tubes and aged transformers. Killer tight and fast in attack like the roman sword Gladius.

Testbericht in Gitarre & Bass

Novmber 2020