JTM 68

MK IV Plus



Output Tubes:

Preamp Tubes:


Input Hi:

Input Lo:







Class B 115/230V

45 Watt

2x EL34 Red Base

V1 CV4004 JJ 2xECC83 JJ

Solid State

Treble (w/Channel-Patch Normal)

Normal (w/split of Hi-Treble Ch. for use with A/B Switcher)

Volume Treble, Volume Normal, Bass, Middle, Treble, Presence, Variac, Master Volume, Bright Switch

4/8/16 Ohm Selector, 2 Outputs, Effect-Loop Send & Return, Rhythm & Lead Footswitch

Passive parallel

orig. Black Levant



3.290,- Euros in stock! Incl. Fotswitch!

incl. German VAT w/1year ltd. guarantee + 1year ltd. warranty

The Plus versions have had very big changes: 3 position bright cap switch w/2 different caps which influence the sound immensely, Red Base Power Tubes which currently build by far the best EL34 power amps, new capacitors in the signal path, NOS pre amp tubes and much more.

The JTM 68 leans on the 50 watts Plexi Marshall with diode rectification from 1968! It comes with a classic ECC83 pre-amp and as standard to all Gladius amps with the unique Variac power reduction! Of course it is hand-wired and equipped only with the best components. An indispensable extra feature is the internal Channel-Patch, through which both inputs (treble & normal) can be interconnected without having to use a conventional patch cable. Rhythm & Lead can be switched by a foot pedal which in Rhythm Mode keeps even the fattest Les Paul clean and generates in Lead Mode the original singing Heavy Rock tone. By switching from Lead to Rhythm the amp turns 'clean' without the slightest loss of volume or even definition. In Rhythm Mode you can play the amp real tight, without getting the usual sludgy sound when playing a Humbucker-guitar, which is often criticized with Vintage-Amps. In combination with the Gladius cabinets, the amp can be played clean even at a level of 0,1 watt without loss of sound.


As the name already suggests, in this setting the complete Vintage-Sound up to 1968 is covered. Extremely fat, round and smacky in response with heavy distortion as used by for example Billy Gibbons, Jimmy Hendrix and Jeff Beck.


With this setting you will get a clean and very stable tone similar to a Plexi 100, open however without the partially too lively Vintage-Character. Explosively quick in response, without sounding aggressively or harsh. Fat and round but merciless defined like with Eddie van Halen, or Joe Bonamassa, Slash and many others.