There are Fender® and Gibson® who reproduce today’s outstanding vintage guitars. But the market is demanding more and more modern guitars that do justice to today's musical style. Of course, there are tons of manufacturers, but none that build really modern guitars with a certain vintage spirit. I tried to establish James Tyler, Don Grosh, John Suhr and many more in Europe, but the customers wanted more. These are modern guitars that are super easy to play, have their sweet spot in the midrange, have an extremely fast response and sustain until the day after tomorrow. But overall with the organic compression of an old vintage guitar.

As a result of my search, I have decided to bring Daniel Margasa's Valkenburg USA™ guitars to Europe.

Daniel's guitars and finishes are extraordinary.  His custom instruments have precisely the look, feel, tone and playability so critical to me.  He is well known among professional musicians and builds for some of the biggest names in the business.  He is a master luthier, honest committed businessman, and great communicator.

Daniel is now building very special Valkenburg USA™ guitars that play in the Champions League in terms of technology, feel and sound. Let yourself be surprised.