PCR500MA AC Output Made Easy

• Totally clean filtered AC Output!

• Every Voltage needed from 70 or less up to 300V or more

• Every cycles need from 40Hz or less up to 70Hz or more

• worldwide usable from primary 110V up to 240V power grid

This power supply is changing you tone dramatically!

6.5 kg!

2A are enough for 2 amps and many effect pedals

ask for price and availability!

incl. German VAT w/1year ltd. guarantee + 1year ltd. warranty


We ship this power supply pre-programmed usably worldwide for musicians and studios including a pre-assembled 3-way socket!!! 

Arguments buying such an expensive Power Supply:

1. Clean AC makes an harmonic tones without a feeling your guitar is detuned

2. The 60Hz gives a much bigger, warmer and stabil tone for better punch and dynamics

3. The Voltage control gives your amp the legendary brown tone

We had a visit from the company DHS Elmea Tools, the German distributor of Kikusui, who manufacture the most popular AC power supply for many well-known musicians. The most important question now was, how do our amps sound at 60Hz? Present were Mr. Reccius from DHS, the electrical engineer Sigi Bombik who worked for us, Andy Blueml one of our best guitarists and me. For decades I have been trying to compensate the 60 Hz problem with my manufacturers using a modified power supply, but this does not always work. Yesterday, however, we took a lot of time to really get to the bottom of it. And there was an incredible difference to be heard. The 60 Hz makes the sound much bigger, a bit louder but much fatter and more organic. Thanks to the stepless control from 45 Hz to 70 Hz, the differences were quickly heard clearly as the tone changes. The biggest surprise, however, was the absolutely flawlessly screened power supply. By eliminating all disturbances in our power network (and there are quite a few), the amps sound much clearer, tidier and also softer in the heights. The more you play distorted, the more drastic the difference is. Now we can clearly understand why so many of our guitar heroes opt for a very expensive Kikusui power supply.