Output Tubes:

Preamp Tubes:







230V 50Hz

50 Watt (Fender Blackface w/Reverb)

2x 6L6GE

V1 12AX7, V2 NOS 12AT7, V3 12AX7, V4 NOS 12AT7



Pre & Post Volume, Treble, Mid, Bass, Dwell, Mix

4, 8 & 16 Ohm Speaker Out

2 knob tube driven long accutronics spring reverb

Black w/Z-Wreck Grill 1.841,- (Net) / 2.190,- Euros (19%) in stock!

Blond w/Z-Wreck Grill 1.841,- (Net) / 2.190,- Euros (19%) in stock!

Red w/Z-Wreck Grill 1.841,- (Net) / 2.190,- Euros (19%) in stock!

1x12“: B58xH51xT26cm  25,1kg Z-Speaker

2x10“: B58xH51xT26cm  27,7kg Z-Speakers

Padded DRZ Slip Cover with Z-Logo include!

The wait is finally over... theEZG-50is here! The EZG-50 has a very definitive 6L6 clean sound. Whether you are lusting after the classic "El Mocambo" tone, looking to surf the big waves, or want twang straight out of Bakersfield. The EZG-50 will satisfy the most discriminating blackface tone seeker. This is a sound that has been missing in the Z line up until now.

Much time and care was taken in the development of the EZG-50. The seed of the amp came from a new 6L6 output transformer designed for Z Amps by Ken Fischer. The output transformer has a very unique impedance not used by other American amp makers. This is one of the key factors to the EZG-50s sound.

NOS Allen Bradley carbon comp resistors are used in all critical tone positions of the EZG-50 circuit. These classic resistors add a warmth and depth to the tone that only they can give.

The EZG-50 features a 2 knob all tube reverb. The Dwell and Mix controls give you full authority over your reverb needs. Anything from a subtle tail on the note to a full-on surf assault is at your command. You also get a full EQ and a Pre and Post master volume.

Around back you’ll find 16, 8, and 4 ohm speaker outs to accommodate any cabinet.

With 50 watts of clean power, 2 knob reverb, and a tube rectifier, the EZG-50 is the blackface head that never was...ala Dr Z!