’64 MXV Strat Hot Bridge: Neck 6.0K/Middle 5,8k, Bridge 6,5k (A5 long rod magnets left pole stagger)

• Vintage formulation, USA made, Alnico 5 rod magnets copied from vintage '63/'64 Stratocaster pickup magnets.

• Fullerton spec. coils wound on the same model vintageMeteor ME-481Apickup winder used to wind 60's era vintage Fender Stratocaster pickups.

• Vintage Spec. Plain Enamel 42AWG magnet wire made with vintage coating and processes. Made in USA.

• ThroBak exclusive, vintage finish, Nylon reproduction pickup covers in Parchment, Aged White and Heavily Aged White. Made in USA.

• Grey Bottom, USA made, vulcanized fiberboard flatwork bobbin construction.

• Vintage right hand stagger as well as left hand stagger options.

• Vintage induction profile, flat poles option thatpreserves the inductance signature of the vintage staggered poles.

Vintage stranded cloth covered push back wire with vintage correct un-tinned strands. Made in USA.

ThroBak '64 MXV Stratocaster pickup repros duplicate the tone, look and feel of the first classic Grey Bottom pickups that Fender produced. The combination of our custom USA Cast and ground A5 rod magnets wound with 42 AWG Plain Enamel wire give the magical articulation and low end depth that is the signature tone of these early Grey Bottom Strat pickups. With the '64 MXV Stratocaster pickup set, neck tones are full, middle tones punch and bridge tones have a low end depth that swells after the note is picked.

In order to maximize this low end depth we carefully choose 42 AWG PE magnet wire that falls within a specific ohms per foot tolerance. In keeping with our Maximum Vintage we apply towards our well know PAF repros, we wind every coil with the same vintage modelMeteor ME-481A pickup winder used by Fender in the 60's.All of these details assure that every set of ThroBak '64 MXV Strat pickups have the authentic vintage tone and attack along with the neck, middle and bridge pickup balance.

Every set also comes withThroBak Vintage Repro Covers. Choose Parchment, Aged White and Heavily Aged White fromthe drop down menu.

Heavily Aged Set: 399,- Euro in stock!

Strat Single Coils: