Handmade Round Core Pure Nickel Electric Guitar Strings with Silk Covered Ball Ends!

Made In Germany from the same small factory Leo Fender bought his string in the late 50s!


Silk Coverd Ball Ends


Silk Coverd Ball Ends


Silk Coverd Ball Ends


Silk Coverd Ball Ends



10x Set 139,- Euros in stock!


10x Set 139,- Euros in stock!


10x Set 149,- Euros in stock!


10x Set 149,- Euros in stock!


10x Set 119,- Euros in stock!

Many years ago I got an ORIGINAL Fender D-string from the end of the 50s from my friend Andreas Kloppmann to my birthday. It was obvious that these strings were different.

The first difference was the pure nickel (99.2%) and the second still more important reason is the round steel core, not as used today, the hexagonal.

The effects on the sound is like from analog to digital!

Round Core sounds much bigger and richer in tone with a faster attack and a longer sustain as hexagon!

The silk covered ball ends eliminates rattlings or other noises and makes the sound a little bit like a Piano String!

Silk Wound Ball Ends