D-Style Cabinets



21.5“ Dimension Standard:

24“ Dimension Oversize:





Oval Open Back

black tolex black grill


Aged AN65 16 Ohm 12,7kg 1.090,- Euros in stock!

Aged WGS 12L 8 Ohm 16,3 kg 1.090,- Euros in stock!

Aged Celestion G12-65 16 Ohm 12,3kg 1.090,- Euros in stock!


Aged AN65 8 Ohm 13,4 kg 1.090,- Euros in stock!

Aged WGS 12L 8 Ohm 16,9 kg 1.090,- Euros in stock!!

Aged Celestion G12-65 8 Ohm 12,7kg1.090,- Euros in stock!

Oval Open Back

Aged Celestion G12-65 19,6kg in stock!

Aged AN65 20,3kg in stock!

Aged WGS 12L 28,3 kg in stock!


black tolex black grill

1.390,- Euros

incl. German VAT w/1year ltd. guarantee + 1year ltd. warranty

Through the years we have tried various dimensions and port sizes to achieve a big and articulate sound from our 1×12 cabinets. Through our experimentation, we’ve succeeded. Constructed with voidless imported baltic birch and 1/2 baltic birch baffle and back panel, these cabinets are heavy duty and pack a lot of punch.

21,5“ 1x12“:

if weight and size are an issue then we recommend the "small" 21.5" 1x12" cab. The clear difference is the slightly lower bass than with the oversize or even with the 2x12" cab. But you have a little more mid-range emphasis

24“ 1x12“:

The amazing thing about the oversize 1x12" cab is that it doesn't lose so much room acoustics and bass, especially with the WGS 12L speaker, compared to the powerful 2x12". So if you don't want the size and weight of the 2x12", you will only have to make very few compromises on the sound of the oversize cab.


When you need more volume or just want the bigger sound or look of a 2×12 cabinet, look no further than the 2×12 speaker cabinet from Amplified Nation. These cabinets come in a few different styles, horizontal, vertical, or we can even build you a diagonal mount cabinet. The 2×12 is our favorite when it comes to capturing big powerful sound, and we’ve really knocked it out of the park in the ability to build one size cabinet that works with virtually any combination of speakers.

Oversize 1x12“ Cab

Standard 1x12“ Cab

Standard 2x12“ Cab