22.08.2022: Amplified Nation

The D-Style amps from AI are maybe the best replicas around the world and are back in stock now with new models and 3 options of speakers. 

20.06.2022: Gladius is steps into the D-Style jungle

Until the D-Style amps from Gladius are finally available at the end of the year, I can already present the final version of the 2x12" cabs today. This D-Style box was modeled after the version used by Robben Ford in Europe!

18.06.2022: Our 1st Kyle McMillin Fender Masterbuilt are now available

After the sudden departure of master builder Carlos Lopez, we had to decide who should build all these 80 guitars we still had in backorder. It took a while before Fender allowed us to have Kyle build them. And.... what came yesterday is on par with what Dale Wilson and Vincent Van Trigt are building for us and are still just as affordable.

18.12.2021: Trainwreck vs Gladius

A nice review came out today in the German magazine Gitarre & Bass about the 3 famous Trainwreck amps Express, Rocket & Liverpool and versions from Gladius including power reduction!

10.12.2021: Carlos Lopez left Fender!

We had more than 80 guitars from Carlos Lopez in backorder! So sad. Anyway. We switched today all backorders from Carlos to Masterbuilder Kyle McMillin!

25.10.2021: Trainwreck Amps made by John Mark added to my web

it was a long journey to get the legendary and now incredibly expensive amps from Ken Fischer called Trainwreck. For almost a year I exchanged views with John Mark, Ken Fischer's long-time sound tech, to get to the heart of the spirit of the legendary Trainwreck amps. From now on you can compare the original Trainwreck amps with the Express, Liverpool and Rocket models further developed by Gladius includes VARIAC and Master Volume. We are also looking forward to a comprehensive report by Udo Pipper in the 1/2022 issue of Guitar & Bass.

6.04.2021: Fender Ultimate Strat arrived after 5 years waiting

These guitars were designed and ordered directly in the box by John Cruz in Corona in 2016. Vincent Van Treight has now finished John's work. Five years later the time has finally come - I've never seen such a great before!

22.03.2021: Matchless C-15 now available

Matchless is very bussy and the backorder time is now more than 4 month. But we have the new C-15 head in stock based on the best seller C-30! 

25.02.2021: Gibson Murphy Lab

We are really proud to be one of the first in Germany to get guitars from the Gibson Murphy Lab - just when you open the case you smell the difference. Finally really aged new guitars from Gibson - great!

24.02.2021: Dale Wilson

In 2016 Fender invited us to Corona in the Fender Custom Shop to have very special guitars built by the masterbuilders. Since I'm a big fan of Philip Sayce and I was able to document his guitar in detail at a concert, Dale and I reproduced the guitars at the time, but out of respect for Philp’s guitars with a different aging. 5 pc. arrived today - Wow - 5 years waiting is over now.

15.02.2021: Gladius

Today was a very busy day. The goal was to develop a new 2x12 cab, which can perfectly reproduce the Trainwreck character. For the Rocket, for example, a mid 60ties VOX cab is the must heave, but with the range for today's demands. As always with Gladius, the focus is on quality. The cab must still reproduce the full tone at low volume, but also be tight under full power. The character of the speaker is extremely important, of course, matched to the speakers used. Almost infinitely small details had to be taken into account. Today they are finally Prototypes ready to the point that they can be produced.

2.02.2021: Fender

The new Fender Design Guide is now available! With this manual you can design you dream guitar we’re happy to order for you. ProGuitar has a backorder list of 500k $ of Fender Masterbuild guitars!!!!

15.12.2020: Bartel

All new 2021 model with push/pull bright switch on Volume pot arrived today. Very cool colors are now available!

30.11.2020: Gladius Liverpool available today

The logical consequence is of course to round off the Trainwreck offer. From today the Gladius Liverpool is officially available. The difference to the one-to-one comparison with the original is now only due to the old tubes that the original used. Otherwise Gladius guarantees the original sound, but with VARIAC and loss-free power reduction, as well as the very popular 3-stage Bright switch. A drew comes true.

19.11.2020: Gladius Express available today

It took many years to unravel the myth of the legendary original Trainwreck amps. Gladius was able to extensively test the original Trainwrecks from Ken Fisher, as well as those from John Mark and today presented his version of the Express. The US made transformers, which cost three times as much as conventional ones, but ultimately make the decisive difference, were a big challenge. Ken with his original amps, as well as Mark with his Trainwreck certified amps, still used old tubes from the 60s, Gladius, however, is only allowed to use new tubes (old tubes have the clarity, the explosive attack and an unbelievably great compression), that alone was already one huge challenge. But also the arrangement of components, as well as their location underlines the genius of Ken Fisher again. I myself first heard his Apms in the Ultra Sound Studios in New York and have definitely been my all-time favorite amps ever since. For me personally, the Gladius Express is one of the best new amp that has ever been built.

29.10.2020: Murphy Lab starts now: we placed a very big order with Hvy & Ultra Aged guitars today

According to Tom Murphy, he can finally dispose of his razor blades 😀 this is finally the official aging with cold, heat and UV light, just as Fender does. He also says: none, really no guitar has ever been manufactured or delivered by Gibson in this quality. First deliveries from February 2021! I'm curious!y!

18.06.2020: Today its Burst-Day

Some 60th 59 Les Paul w/Bolivian Rosewood arrived and the new 60th 60 with V2 and V3 neck profile.

9.06.2020: John Cruz

Today I received sad news from Fender. John Cruz, the leading master builder at Fender Custom Shop was fired for an unfortunate facebook post. I have known John and his family since around 1995 - he is an incredibly friendly and lovable person and has always worked for Fender more than ever and has always been loyal. His expertise and love of building guitars is unparalleled. Of course we live in difficult times and especially in the USA at the moment. The post was unfortunate and was meant as a joke, was removed promptly, but I can not understand at all that Fender just dismissed its flagship with a delivery time of more than 3 years. Head up my friend, we'll see you again.

We’re backordered over 200k Euros with John’s guitars up from 2017 - we’ll try to move these orders to Dale or Vincent!

29.05.2020: The Gladius Rocket 1x12“ Cab!

The Gladius Rocket Guitar Amp is already the most successful amplifier in Gladius history. That's why he was given a matching cabinet. Incredibly beautiful, it sounds sensational in every volume and weighs only 12.2kg!

24.05.2020: The Gladius review in Gitarre & Bass 6/2020!

The new Guitar & Bass, the most read German-language trade magazine, is published today! On the front page is one of the most impressive new amps ever. The Gladius Rocket. The sales figures prove it, one of the best new amps with the spirit of Trainwreck amps. Test the amps exclusively in my shop!

10.03.2020: The Gladius 2204 is born!

The new Gladius 2204 is a further development of the 2204 from 1973. Unlike the Gladius JTMs, its sound is much more modern and rocking, but with all the features that have made the British sound so unique. The most important feature that modern guitarists are looking for is the solo boost function. However, not as a channel switch, but as a lossless pre-master volume, foot switchable. This enables the player to jump in volume for his solo at any gain level without loss of dynamics, for clean or distortion. Hence the post-master volume, which, like all Gladius amps, enables completely loss-free master volume at any volume. In order to get the full tone at Bedroom Level, the Gladius cabinets are recommended. With the Variac you can set the power tubes of saturation / distortion, which then changes the tone dramatically - like EVH. The pre-gain has enough distortion for metal in hi-input. The Lo input is specially designed for clean sounds and pedals. The difference is powerful and not just a few db as with commercial amps. A lossless effect loop (passive parallel) remains tight even with delays. The Gladius 2204 has the variety of sounds from the 2203 to the JCM 800 with Mullard tubes and aged transformers. Killer tight and fast in attack like the roman sword Gladius.

21.01.2020: Gibson Custom Shop News:

Gibson continues the hugely successful 60th Anniversary Les Pauls. There is now the 60th 60s Anniversary Les Paul available with three different neck profiles:

V1 corresponds to the 60th *59 (this is exactly the 60th ’59 Les Paul)

V2 is the original 60s with a smaller neck shape

V3 makes it possible to have an even thinner neck profile on the ’60s

All guitars have the same specs and quality like the ’59 60th Anniversary had!

The ES 335 is now available from Nashville Custom Shop in a quality we never had before:

ES 335 ’59

ES 335 ’61

ES 335 ’64

14.12.2019 Kikusui AC Power Supplies:

Yesterday we had a visit from the company DHS Elmea Tools, the German distributor of Kikusui, who manufacture the most popular AC power supply for many well-known musicians. The most important question now was, how do our amps sound at 60Hz? Present were Mr. Reccius from DHS, the electrical engineer Sigi Bombik who worked for us, Andy Blueml one of our best guitarists and me. For decades I have been trying to compensate the 60 Hz problem with my manufacturers using a modified power supply, but this does not always work. Yesterday, however, we took a lot of time to really get to the bottom of it. And there was an incredible difference to be heard. The 60 Hz makes the sound much bigger, a bit louder but much fatter and more organic. Thanks to the stepless control from 45 Hz to 70 Hz, the differences were quickly heard clearly as the tone changes. The biggest surprise, however, was the absolutely flawlessly screened power supply. By eliminating all disturbances in our power network (and there are quite a few), the amps sound much clearer, tidier and also softer in the heights. The more you play distorted, the more drastic the difference is. Now we can clearly understand why so many of our guitar heroes opt for a very expensive Kikusui power supply.

6.12.2019 Gladius Rocket now Available:

This amp now has 5 years of research and development behind it to revive the spirit behind the amps of Ken Fisher's Trainwrecks. For me personally, these are the best British style amps I've ever heard. Gene Sinigalliano from the Ultra Sound Studios in NYC made that possible for me many years ago. This sound just burnt into me and I've been searching for many years. Many have tried, but are miles away from this unique sound. Finally, I can announce: the Gladius Rocket has him: the spirit of Trainwreck amps.

This amp has the latest technology for lossless power reduction on board. A Variac and a post phase Master Volume developed by Ken Fisher. A 2x bright switch as well as usual for Trainwreck, the most harmonious Gain ever.


Gladius MKIV Versions now available!

The now available MKIV versions of all best selling Gladius amps are now available for JTM65/66/67/68. The new MK IV version opens up an unprecedented power reduction with a modified „Trainwreck“ Post Phase Inverter Master Volume WITHOUT any tone loss on the back and a real Varic on the front. All tubes are now from the expensive manufacturer Mullard, which make an incredible sound difference. The most significant change is the tone harmonization in single notes (also known as Plexi Ghost Notes). These 4 elementary innovations make the biggest difference in the history of Gladius Amps.


60th Anniversary Gibson 59 Les Paul‘s with Bolivian Rosewood available now

We would like to thank Gibson for officially authorizing ProGuitar as a dealer. After more than 10 years we have decided to offer selected Gibson Custom Shop guitars to our customers. I think Gibson is currently on a good path and learning from the mistakes of the past. Unfortunately, this currently only affects the 60th Anniversary 59 Les Paul, where in our opinion many technical improvements have been made by Gibson. Gibson Custom Shop's 60th Anniversary 1959 Les Paul Standard is not just a tribute to those priceless original models - it's a clone of them. From laser-scanned dimensions to chemically-recreated plastics to color-matched shades of sunburst, every element has been rendered in unbelievable detail.


Nice review in G&B in 9/2019 about the amazing Brent Mason VSA Amp from Florida.

In der aktuellen Ausgabe von G&B 9/2019 findet ihr den Testbericht des Brent Mason Signature Amps von VSA. Eigentlich hätte den Bericht unser sehr geschätzter Author Ebo Wagner schreiben sollen. Ebo liegt aber seit vielen Wochen im Krankenhaus - mein lieber Freund - alles nur erdenklich Gute und komm bald wieder auf die Beine. Wir denken an Dich!


The EuroVolt (by BrownBox) provides professional power consistency control wherever there is 230/240 volt mains power.

After almost a year of work, the time has finally come. The European version of the US Brown Box "EuroVolt" is now available at ProGuitar. Han van den Essenburg was so nice and drove me over 600km from Amsterdam to present the first available voltage reducers for 230V and 50Hz to me personally. Nearly every well-known American guitarist uses the "Brown Box" by Patrick Geraghty in USA! The tone becomes noticeably creamier due to the voltage reduction in the attack, without damaging the amp or the tubes like with a conventional VARIAC.


Fender Dual Stack (George Blanda)

It's an old dilemma if you want to block single coil and humbucker pickups in one instrument. If you take 250k ohm pots, the humbucker sound too dull, you take 500k ohm pots, the single coil pickups sound too shrill. For me, the best method is the dual stack HS (developed by George Blanda)! Instead of compromise, you have everything twice with the dual stack. 2 staggered volume pots each with 250 / 500k, as well as the same with the tone pot. The Clue is here, now you can use the right Tone Caps. 0.022uF for single coils and 0.5pF for humbuckers! Today I got a Fender HS Tele, where this is installed as standard. Also very popular with JP basses (Jazz Bass & Precission pickups).


Master Volume available on ALL VSA Amps now!

It's an old dilemma if you want to block single coil and humbucker pickups in one instrument. If you take 250k ohm pots, the humbucker sound too dull, you take 500k ohm pots, the single coil pickups sound too shrill. For me, the best method is the dual stack HS (developed by George Blanda)! Instead of compromise, you have everything twice with the dual stack. 2 staggered volume pots each with 250 / 500k, as well as the same with the tone pot. The Clue is here, now you can use the right Tone Caps. 0.022uF for single coils and 0.5pF for humbuckers! Today I got a Fender HS Tele, where this is installed as standard. Also very popular with JP basses (Jazz Bass & Precission pickups).