2x12“ Open Back

50 Watt


Baltic Birch ply w/finger joint corners

Fane 1x F25 (top) & 1x A30

incl. w/48h fast burn in

orig. Black Levant w/basket weave grill


56Bx56Hx35T(bottom)x26cm (top)

1.337,- (Net) / 1.590,- Euros (19%) in stock!

custom order!

incl. German VAT w/1year ltd. guarantee + 1year ltd. warranty

All Gladius cabinets are built like acoustic guitars and sounds like an instrument! All speakers got a very special Gladius aging!!

The 100% handcrafted 2x12'' LCO212A clearly sounds in the direction of the lively full bodied Blues or Rock of the late sixties and early seventies!This cabinet has an extremely low weight with a 3-dimensional rich tone that also performs perfectly at low volume levels! From blues up to blues-rock, this box covers an extremely organic frequency spectrum and brings, despite the open rear panel, stiff and dynamic bass characteristics with lots of smacks in attack and rich overtones. The new 2017 made Creamback speakers are now the state of the art speaker for the old Marshall style sounds in 2x12“ cabs. In order to generate early resonance, the box panels are extremely tightly finger joined and stiffened, which is essential in order to create the right tone especially at low sound levels.

This 100% handcrafted box by a professional carpenter fulfills virtually ALL requirements from Blues to Classic Rock! The LCO212A is recognized as a mile stone in the development of 2 x 12 cabinets and is considered a benchmark for all Bluesbraker style cabinets!

This 100% handcrafted cab is made by a carpenter! The LCO212A is recognized as a mile stone in the development of 2x12“ open back cabinets.