Vintage 20 MV

(Princeton Style)



Output Tubes:

Preamp Tubes:







Cabinet Material:


1x12“ Combo:



230V 50Hz (Black Face AA1164)

0-20 Watt

2x 6V6GT-STR

3x12AX7A-C 1x12AT7


High & Low

Volume w/bright push/pull Treble, Middle, Bass. Reverb, Speed, Intensity w/Trem On/Off switch

RCA Footswitch Jacks, 2x Speaker Jacks, Diaz Dwell Control, Master Volume

Tube Driven Spring Reverb

Tube Vibrato

Solid Pine Cabinet w/ Birch Plywood Baffle & back panels

Black Tolex w/silver grill 1.841,- (Net) / 2.190,- Euros (19%) in stock!

Black Tolex w/silver grill 2.177,- (Net) / 2.450,- Euros (19%) in stock!



incl. Custom Padded Cover & 2-Button Footswitch

incl. German VAT w/1year ltd. guarantee + 1year ltd. warranty

The Vintage Sound Vintage 20 came about from several customers requesting an increased headroom version of the Vintage 15, which is essentially an all hand-wired, all USA made, modified Fender Princeton Reverb. Both the Vintage 15 and Vintage 20 are based on the "blackface" Fender Princeton Reverb (AA1164) used from 1964-1967, but with some upgrades. For starters, the power tube section has been upgraded by adding grid plate resistors (as seen in the Black Face AB763 circuitry). In addition, the speaker has been upgraded to a 12", giving it a fuller bottom end than the 10" originally used by Fender. Also included is a very nifty reverb dwell control which is on the rear of the chassis. 

The Vintage 20 differs from the 15 in a couple ways:

1) More clean headroom - The 20 has larger power & output transformers producing 20 watts.

More diversity - The 20 can alternate between 6V6 and 6L6 power tubes. Overall, the 6V6 tubes are recommended, but the 6L6 tubes will deliver slightly more bass, and is a bit more stiff in response. Stiffness isn't a bad thing if that's what you are going after, but the majority of people will prefer the slightly softer response of the 6V6 tubes.

The new MV version 2019 has a modified „Trainwreck“ Post Phase Inverter Master Volume WITHOUT any tone loss!!!