Low Output PAF Pickups:

ER Custom: Neck 7,9K/Short A5 - Bridge 83K/Short A5

The ER-Custom name is a nod to well know Austin Texas luthier and repairman Ed Reynolds and his help with developing this special set of vintage PAF humbucker pickups. Ed was on a search for a set of humbucker pickups that met the needs of one of his well known clients. The result of this collaboration with Ed is a full sounding, punchy, mid dominant vintage PAF pickup repro with a pleasing high end. ER-Custom MXV pickups sound great in solid body LP style and semi-hollow ES-335 style guitars. The ER-Custom MXV set is a popular upgrade option for Collings electric guitars. ER-Custom humbucker pickups are wound on the ThroBak vintage Leesona-102 to complete the Maximum Vintage specs.

Aged Nickel Set: 499,- Euro in stock!

Mid Output PAF Pickups:

MT-102B Custom MXV: Neck 8.3K/Short A2 - Bridge 8.0K/Short A2

Taylor/Richards Burst Iconic short A2, vintage PAF humbucker tones

The original pickups in the Taylor/Richards Burst are in fact short magnet P.A.F.'s. Short magnets in a P.A.F. are not typical but not unheard of. And a few years ago I sent a short P.A.F. magnet from one of my personal P.A.F.'s to T&S in Indiana to be cloned. They sliced it in half, did an x-ray spectrograph to nail the metal mix and made me a custom heat of this very unique vintage short A2 variety. Those short A2 clone magnets have been waiting on the shelf for a special project and now they debut in the MT-102B Custom MXV set! Based upon gauss readings and the tone of the Taylor Burst, this vintage beauty very likely has short A2 magnets. The MT-102B Custom set is the result of many test pickups, precisely calibrated Throbak exclusive magnets and specially selected magnet wire, and to top it off, wound on Throbak's time machine 1957 Leesona-102B.

If you like fat, singing neck slide tones. If you like bridge tones that go from sweet to raunchy with picking dynamics, you will love this higher ohm neck, slightly lower ohm bridge combination of the MT-102B set. They cost a little, more because frankly it takes a bit more time for me to make them, but there has been no other pickups like the MT-102B Custom set made for the past 50 years. The Taylor/Richards Burst sadly now lives in a glass case, literally a Rock and Roll Museum piece. But the tone lives on with the ThroBak MT-102B Custom MXV set.

Aged Nickel Set: 499,- Euro in stock!

High Output PAF Pickups:

DW-102B Custom (Dick Wagner): Neck 8.3K/Long A5 - Bridge 9,2K/Short A5

The Dick Wagner Custom Set pairs a 9.2k , short A5 bridge pickup with a 8.3k, long unoriented A5 (Indiana made), neck pickup. This combination delivers a powerful bridge tone, with the girth and punch that a hot P.A.F. is known for. The perfectly balanced 8.3k neck P.A.F. repro assures clarity, bloom and ample power for neck position soloing. The DW-102B set is wound on the ThroBak vintage 1957 Leesona-102B to complete the Maximum Vintage specs. of this amazing set. Made in USA.

Known to fans and friends as “The Maestro of Rock,” DICK WAGNER’S songs and lead guitar have been featured on more than 350 renowned albums, garnering more than 35 Platinum and Gold records, BMI songwriter awards and numerous prestigious international awards. The Detroit area native helped define an era in rock history by playing lead guitar and writing songs for Alice Cooper, KISS, Aerosmith, Lou Reed, The Frost, Peter Gabriel, Meat Loaf, Guns N’ Roses, Ringo Starr, Ursa Major, Tina Turner, Air Supply, Hall & Oates, Little Richard, Roy Orbison, Burton Cummings, Jerry Lee Lewis, Lita Ford, Nina Simone, Frank Sinatra, and many more!

Aged Nickel Set: 499,- Euro in stock!

MC-102B Custom: Neck 7,6K/Long A4 - Bridge 9,1K//Long A4

Fat, mud free bridge pickup with lots of output paired with a clear, articulate neck pickup

I frequently get requests for a low resistance neck, higher resistance bridge vintage spec. PAF pickup set. So when one day a customer requested a set PAF humbucker repro set with just this combo using numbers from a famous Burst I got to work. The result is the MC-102B Custom set. The overall combination of magnets, wind and output strength makes for a flexible set with a fat, mud free bridge pickup with lots of output with the volume pot dialed full and lots of room to roll back. Paired with a clear, articulate neck pickup you have a very flexible set that will rock as hard as you want in the bridge position. Pro player Justin Derrico, guitar player for Pink and TV show The Voice, loves the flexibility of this combination. Wound on the ThroBak 1957 Leesona-102B winding machine and loaded with Illinois made vintage spec A4 magnets, the MC-102B Custom set is 100% ThroBak Maximum Vintage PAF humbucker reproduction

Aged Nickel Set: 499,- Euro in stock!

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