Tele Parts:

Vintage Tele Bridge w/Brass Enhanced Compensated Saddles:

Satin Finish Lefty: 189,- Eurosin stock!

Distressed: 209,- Euros in stock!

Distressed Lefty: 239,- Euros in stock!

2x Tele Knobs:

These are a heavy knurl patterned after early Broadcaster knobs and their design is a direct influence from Danny Gatton. Doing volume and tone swells is far easier than with any other knob, and you still maintain the vintage look. They are drilled for 1/4 solid shaft pots. Slotted screws. Nickel plated.d.

Early 50's Broadcaster Dome Heavy Knurled Knobs 49,- Euros sofort lieferbar!

Late 50's Flat Top Heavy Knurled Knobs 49,- Eurosin stock!

Bakelite Tele Pickguard distressed:

Made from black fiberboard (bakelite). It is lacquered and polished and like the original has the 5" diameter circle on the back.

A Distressed version is also available that is a matte to semi gloss finish with wear marks. I would describe it as a very accurate representation of a played guitar subjected to normal wear and tear of 40 years.

95,- Euros in stock!