Dirty Wonderland 50

The John Mayer Clean Sound! Early 80s Dumble Tone!

When your looking for an organic connection with your guitar amp, you have to start with a great clean tone. The Dirty Wonderland is a single channel amp design, with bold and full-bodied blackface style tones. Its voice is uncompressed and open, revealing a unique tonal breath with even light pick attack. Plugging into the amp, you can adjust the three-band EQ or select any of the three EQ boost switches, bright/mid/deep; which allow for a great deal of flexibility when dialing in. The amp has a preamp gain volume and a transparent master volume that allow you to crank up the preamp when you want more attitude in your playing. While the amp is certainly a ‘clean’ style amp, the Dirty Wonderland received its name from the two ‘dirty’ switches on the back. The switch by the effects loop breaks up the preamp and the switch by the speaker jacks breaks up the power amp. These switches are very effective when trying to get more gain at lower volume settings. When the amp is at higher volume you can get a killer crunch by engaging the switches.

The Dirty Wonderland’s abundance of headroom makes for an excellent pedal platform. The amp loves to run drive pedals up front, and time-based effects in the loop. One of the amps best qualities is the intricate 3-tube long decay reverb circuit. The effect is spacious, full, and deep, with the “send” and “return” controls, you can tune the depth and desired level of the effect. The amp is equipped with a half power mode and external bias adjustment. It makes an excellent combo or head/cab setup and works extremely well with the Celestion G12-65.



Output Tubes:

Preamp Tubes:





Effect Loop:





230V 50Hz

50 Watt


4x 1ECC83JJ, 1xECC81JJ

2x GZ34


Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, High & Low Filter, Reverb Send & Return, Master, Presence, Bright, Deep & Rock/Jazz Switches

Send & Return, 4, 8, 16 Speaker Out, Half Power Switch, Power, StandBy


3-spring tube driven




3.278,- (Net) / 3.990,- Euros (19%) in stock!