Surgical Steel



Output Tubes:

Preamp Tubes:





 Effect Loop:




230V 50Hz

90 Watt Class A


V1: EF86, V2: 12dW7, V3: 12AX7

Solid State


Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass

4, 8 & 16 Ohm Speaker Out

tube buffered


Head: B49xH25xD24cm

blond 1.673,- (Net) / 1.990,- Euros (19%) in stock!

I have always loved the haunting, sustaining tones that a pedal steel guitar added to a recording. This is why I was prone to design an amp for pedal steel use. The challenges were many… to build an amp that would clearly reproduce notes from an instrument with 70 gauge strings, to accurately generate correct frequencies when bending strings and using alternate tunings, and to output a rich and sustaining tone with adequate wattage.

I have succeeded in designing the perfect amp for the modern pedal steel player. The Surgical Steel incorporates my unique EF86 front end. This pentode tube can accept inputs of various voltages, like those from volume pedals, and reproduce them with accurate symmetry without distorting the signal disproportionately as 12AX7 input tubes do.

In 2016, while on tour, Joe Walsh came to the doctor and asked for an amp as a solid foundation for the array of pedals he was using live. I prescribed the Surgical Steel and it immediately went on stage to compliment his Z-Lux. We have found the Surgical Steel to be a stellar pedal platform for 6 string guitar, as it’s high headroom and near endless sustain offers the perfect canvas for a variety of effects pedal configurations. A full balance EQ section feeds a pair of ultra-linear connected KT88 power tubes. These powerful tubes (approximately 90 watts per pair) produce a rich, articulate, and thick tone that is unattainable with a solid state amp. Between the preamp section and the power section there is a tube-buffered effects loop for placing delay, modulation, and reverb with stunning results.