RPB 19/37

Rodger Paul Bressi



Output Tubes:

Preamp Tubes:






Custom Colors:




230V 50Hz

19 Watts (6V6 Class A) or 37 Watt (EL34 Class A/B)

2x 6V6JJ + 2x EL34JJ

5879 NOS, 1x 12AX7 ARS, 3x ECC84 JJ, 1x 12AT-C



Ch 1: Volume, Treble, Bass, Reverb

Ch 2: Volume, Click/Tone Switch

EL34/6L6 Switch

2x4, 2x8 & 1x16 Ohm

tube buffered

Black, Silver, Hot Scarlet Red, British Emerald, Purple, Plum, British Cabernet, Orange, Ivory, Regency Blue, Baby Blue, Turquoise

Slip Cover w/:by13 sticker



2.690,- Euros

egg shell w/red triangel in stock!

all black in stock

The 19/37 like the FTR 37 but goes back and forth between two sets of power tubes (EL34's & 6V6GT's) for full and have power makingit sound like two different amps, Marshall/Fender high, Black Face Deluxe on low

As you may have seen on my web site, the SJT 37 had been pulled for redesign. It was basically the FTR with a 2 tube back end (EL34's). And although it had its own sound, people went for the FTR because it went to half power, had more features, etc. Well, it's back.

I am now proud to announce that the SJT 37 has been re-released as the RPB 19/37. Like the JRT 9/15, the RPB 19/37 has 2 sets of power tubes that you can switch between via the toggle in front, producing 19 watts with 2 6V6 GTs and 37 watts with 2 EL34s. It has all the same sounds and features as the original SJT 37 but with the added feature of a lower power amp WITH IT'S OWN SOUND, more like the FTR 37 in half power. So it is truly like having two amps in one.