I think you'll appreciate these new amps, because they will be absolutely top of the line - no compromises here.  I'm glad to be back in control of everything having to do with their production, so I can do whatever I like, even if it's impractical, to build the kind of amps that I like.

My new designs are inspired by the vintage Fender sound, roughly spanning from Tweed Bassman to Super Reverb, but will be quite different from Tone King - inside and out.  I'm taking a purist approach, using hand wired circuits and instrument grade cabinets made from solid woods that I'll be building here at the shop.   

The new models will be vintage inspired, traditional designs, but driven by three distinct innovations that I think will set them apart from the typical boutique amps out there.  These innovations make the amp take on the qualities of a fine acoustic instrument, responding in a more natural, organic manner so that it becomes an instrument unto itself as opposed to being simply an amplification device.   

I'm a vintage Fender guy, so I'm not interested in anything that's particularly modern or that strays too far from the vintage sound and looks that I'm used to, but I think these innovations and my approach to design and construction can make vintage designs exciting again.

The models I'm working on now are single channel designs.  Some include reverb and tremolo, some do not.  Although I relied heavily on attenuators with Tone King, using attenuators would not be consistent with the purist approach I'm taking with my new amps.  There are many great overdrive and distortion pedals out these days, so I'm moving toward an approach where the amp provides the harmonic richness, tactile feel, and organic, acoustic-like sound qualities that add dimension to any distortion you might add with a pedal.

Purist Design: Based on the idea of achieving sonic purity through simplicity and traditional construction. This means all-tube circuits impeccably handwired with the finest components, simple, easy to use controls, and no extraneous features that would compromise the signal path. 

Multi-Voice Preamp: The innovative Multi-Voice preamp allows you to dial in an incredibly wide range of classic vintage tones using only the Bass and Treble controls. 

Voicings span from the sparkling, transparent clean tone of a Super Reverb with plenty of clean headroom, to a thick, beefy Tweed tone with that classic Tweed breakup, to a Plexi crunch with swirling harmonics that stays tight no matter how hard you hit it. 

Innovative Master Volume: The master volume circuit delivers an astonishingly natural sound and feel at even very low volume. It operates on a different principle than a traditional master volume, and is based on the saturation properties of the interstage transformer coupled phase inverter. The result is an ideal solution to volume reduction, as it delivers the immediacy and presence of a traditional master volume (which can be lost with an attenuator) along with the natural overdrive tone, subtle compression, and 'feel' of playing a cranked amp which is lost with a traditional master volume circuit.

Cabinet: The handcrafted, finger jointed, solid pine cabinet is designed to impart the tonal qualities of a fine acoustic instrument and built with a level of craftsmanship that far exceeds conventional speaker cabinets. The result is a tone that combines exceptional depth, richness, and dimension with a vivid, engaging presence. The baffle board is also solid pine, stress-free, multi-section, with mahogany speaker flange.