Warm, detailed midrange enhanced guitar speaker with smooth overdrive and distortion tones. This is a superb tone and sound recreation of the early G12M 20w Kraft paper voice coil era "Greenback" that was used in Marshall stacks, BluesBreaker combos, and many other British amps of the pre 1968 era such as Vox, Orange, Sound City, etc. They have a very pleasing upper midrange voice that cuts through the mix without being harsh. This speaker's tone is woodier, with more upper mids than the M75, but less treble and more bass than the BlackBack BM75 model, so it's tone sits between those two models.

The 20w speakers are built to the original Kraft paper voice coil specs. If sent too much power, they will spark or catch on fire. Due to this possibility, they are sold without any warranty, liability or guarantee. Once you mount them, they are non-returnable, period, no exceptions. It is strongly recommended you buy four of these for a 50w amp, and eight for a 100w amp.

The 65w speakers are built with higher temperature nomex voice coils and have a 1 year warranty.

The 65w speakers do not spark or catch on fire.

Who this speaker is for: Players who want the classic rock tones from the 60's.


Same speaker as the M75, but with a large dust cap. The large dust cap smoothes out (rolls off) the highs, and makes the treble silkier on the top end, and adds a bit more bass response. The large dust cap model is similar in tone to a G12-65, but with the more authentic vintage Pre Rola type tone. It also handles higher gain better than small dust cap speakers, making it ideal for Dumble tone or high gain style players.

This speaker is for: Those players who want a G12-65 tone with more low end.


35 oz M (medium weight magnet), 55hz bass response, 12 inch special design aged cone, small dust cap with vintage correct doping, spider, and voice coil tolerances. A close recreation of the 444 bass cone, with the more aggressive lower & upper midrange and sharper highs this speaker produced. This speaker is very similar to the tone produced in the checkerboard cloth Marshall cabs of the mid to late 70's. These speakers differ from my pre rola speakers by having a more aggressive midrange tone, with a bit more upper mids, and not quite as dark as M55's. Awesome for players who want a bit more bite.





incl. FBI (48h fast burn in)

Pre Rola style doping

Specially treated 75hz cone

159,- Euros incl. 19% VAT w/1 years ltd. warranty to original customer!

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M75PVC 20Watt 8 Ohm:

M75PVC 20Watt 16 Ohm:

M75LD 25Watt 8 Ohm:

M75 100Watt 8 Ohm:

BM75 25Watt 8 Ohm:

BM75 65Watt 8 Ohm:

BM75 65 Watt 16 Ohm: