Regarding the question as to whether our amps are Printed circuit board or hand wired the answer is not as simple as yes or no. All of out amps utilize eyelet board construction for the preamp and power amp boards… all connections to controls, sockets, switches, inlets, jacks, fuses, grounds are made with wire and the process of wiring done by human hands so our amps are absolutely hand wired. That being said our stock production amps (orangutan / gm2/ sock monkey / organ grinder) utilize eyelet boards that are manufactured for us and contain 3 traces on the preamp board for the high volt supply, these are the only traces on the board and replace 3 4" wires that would be there otherwise. These traces do not affect the sound of the amp and in fact make them more consistent. All ac signal is carried through wire as you would find in an old fender blackface. The power supply is more complicated and as result it contains a few more traces, but if you consider a dumbles power supply to be of good quality you will find our supply equally good….. they both use a "hybrid" design utilizing the best of traces and wire to create a stable, precise, and quiet power supply for the amplifier.